The 21 Week Transformation

Here is Exactly What You`re Going To Get During Our Time Together:

Initial Assessment over Zoom 1 on 1 – your coach will take you through a full body assessment to find out: What your body can and can`t do. Any imbalances or weaknesses. Your flexibility & strength levels and your starting point. Based on that, your coach will design the most effective and injury-free training programs. You`ll take photos and measurements so we know your body fat and muscle mass.

Personalized Nutritional Plan – After the assessment and obtaining the measurements from you, your coach will put together your customized nutrition plan and meal planner that fits your lifestyle. It will feature your favourite foods and links to delicious easy cook recipes.

Weekly Food Diary & Progress Report – You will be tracking your food intake with our online application, which your designated coach will be able to check weekly to ensure you are on track. Every 3 weeks, you will be submitting your photos and measurements for review by the same application.

Personalized Exercise Programs (Home & Gym Based) – Your coach will use your assessment data to build a customized workout program suited to your body and goals. This will consider your current ability, exercise preferences, and available workout equipment. Whether it is home or gym based, the workouts will suit you and your needs. You will get 7 programs with all the video descriptions designed based on your skills and progress.

Weekly Performance Modules – The Beswald Fitness App is going to become your go-to place on a daily basis. Inside, you will have access to your exercise programs, updated every 3 weeks, for either gym or home training with a video description for each exercise personally designed for you in our training app with habits and nutrition.

Weekly 1-on-1 Accountability Call – Every Week, you will receive a VIP invite to schedule a coaching call with your coach. This is where we will dive deep into your weekly results, discuss any challenges, and set your specific goals to help you in the upcoming weeks. These calls are incredibly powerful and serve as your chance to ask any questions regarding your training, eating and habits.

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