About Michal

My Story

Hi, I’m originally from Prague. I used to be a ballet dancer but I only weighted 63kg and had low confidence. Because of my look, I was quite often targeted by bigger guys, and I wasn’t happy about it. 

I always loved fitness, read many fitness magazines and trained on my own, and one day in 2009, I decided that I had enough of being just a skinny dancing stick. I decided to improve myself and move into fitness and to go abroad. My choice came from my heart, and my choice was Australia.

The plan was to learn English to be able to train people at the gym in both English and Czech languages one day. So I took the CHALLENGE and went on my own to Australia for one year, which changed everything.

As a result of the decision and action, I learned another language. I discovered my passion for learning more about fitness, training, and nutrition to help myself and others. 

The new knowledge helped me build my physique and the confidence I desperately needed.

My plan was to start helping other guys build their bodies and confidence. So I decided to start working in one of the biggest gyms in Australia, Fitness First Bond Street, so I could help more people.

But there was still a problem…

I was still dealing with language difficulties. On top of that, I have found that everyone in the fitness industry is “The Expert”. It doesn’t matter if at the gym or online. And most of those “Experts” were even arrogant, probably hiding their lack of knowledge. 

Well, I completely ignored them and started studying like crazy with all the top fitness educators and trainers worldwide. I’ve learnt in depth the principles for weight loss, muscle building, strength training, programming, nutrition, psychology, habits. What happened then? I was able to start building my own programs and systems to help my clients get the body and the results they’ve always wanted to achieve. And if they wanted, I could teach them any ballet drills and improve their flexibility.

I created a transformation system. But I didn’t stop there. I also built my a training app with a clear demonstration by me of each exercise. I can transform or build up any man or woman anywhere on earth through my training platform.

And as a result, in the last decade, I have been able to help many people, improve their health, physique, confidence, habits and happiness. 

I have received many happy messages about how training with me has improved their personal and working life. Honestly, that’s the best feedback I could get.  

The Transformation: 

This whole journey has changed me significantly as a person and human being, and I`m pleased and grateful for that. 

I`m also a proud father of my young son William and a big fan and practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

Why choose me

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over twelve years. I differ from many other fitness professionals in the following ways:

  • I`m a world-class classically trained ballet dancer and a gymnast so I have both a deep understanding of the human body and also a focused and disciplined approach which I apply to training my clients.
  • As well as being a fully qualified Cert III and IV Personal Trainer, I also have a plethora of other qualifications. I don`t stop learning, I constantly educate myself with leaders of the fitness industry such as Tony Boutagy, Dr. Layne Norton, Dr. John Rusin, Mark Buckley and many others.
  • Because of this extensive practical and theoretical training about the human body, I’m well equipped to help clients from beginners through to competitive athletes to achieve different objectives, such as:
    • Lose Body Fat
    • Build Muscle
    • Get Stronger
    • Improve Fitness
    • Boost Confidence
    • Improve Ballet Skills
    • Become More Flexible
  • My biggest focus is TECHNIQUE – training and attention to details allows my clients to get the most out of their time in the gym. My focus in on performing movements correctly to limit the chance of injury and achieve goals faster.
  • Most importantly, I LOVE what I do – this is literally what I breathe for. I care about my clients so I pass my knowledge on and I spread the passion for health and fitness in those around me.


  • Certified Online Trainer – Online Trainer Academy (2020)
  • PPSC, Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (2020)
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition (2018)
  • Rehabilitation of the Lower Back, Knee and Shoulder – Ph.D. Tony Boutagy, Boutagy Fitness Institute (2017)
  • Autophagy, Fasting and Ketosis – Ph.D. Tony Boutagy, Boutagy Fitness Institute (2017)
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy & Exercise Course – Claire Norgate (2017) FMA Certification, Strength Coach, FMA Strength Institute (2017)
  • Strength System Team Lilliebridge seminar (2017)
  • FMA Strength training Level 3 (Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute) (2016)
  • FMA Strength training Level 1 – Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute (2014, 2015)
  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1, Sydney (2015)
  • Level 3 Fat Loss Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2015)
  • FMA Strength training Level 2 – Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute (2015, 2016)
  • Level 1 GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2016)
  • Reverse Dieting and Bodybuilding Workshop with Dr. Layne Norton, Melbourne (2014)
  • Level 2 Fat Loss – Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2014)
  • Level 2 Strength & Hypertrophy Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2013)
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coach, Powerlifting Australia Sydney (2012) 
  • Certificate Ill. and IV. in Fitness – Australian College of Sport and Fitness (2011)
  • School of Mentor Petr Stach, Master of Europe – Personal Training and Training for Bodybuilders, Prague (2008)
  • Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy of Dance (Classical Ballet) HAMU Academy of Performing Arts (Prague) (2003-2007) Diploma of Dance – Prague Dance Conservatory (1992-2000)