November 26

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pot Pie Casserole


Chicken Bacon Ranch – With fall time approaching I thought I would start trying out some new heartier meals that are still healthy. I really enjoy taking flavor combinations that I love and make changes here and there to make a lighter version of a meal.

I feel like we should still enjoy the things we love from time to time (of course in moderation)… But if I can make some healthier versions of the foods we love, it makes the process of dieting so much more enjoyable!

With that being said just make sure to keep in to account your macros for the day (if you count macros). Some of these meals might be lower in calories, but could have a little more fat (which is giving you more flavor, of course!). This is why I try to work out most of the macros for you ahead of time so you know where you stand with each dish.

What I usually suggest is finding a few meals just like this chicken bacon ranch pot pie casserole and make them for your dinners. Keep your breakfast and lunch a little lighter; that way your macros should be on point by the end of the day!

Just a suggestion if you’re looking to stay on track and get great results with whatever program you might be on!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pot Pie Casserole – Cooking Up Happiness

Now back to this delicious meal I have here… This chicken bacon ranch pot pie casserole really lives up to that name and is still a healthier meal! Hard to believe? See for yourself below

This is the ideal meal to transition into the fall; lots of protein-packed chicken cooked in a creamy ranch sauce, layered in a casserole dish with bacon bits, cheddar cheese and enclosed by a layer of buttery flaky crescents – all baked to a golden perfection!


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