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Beswald Fitness is a premium personal training service in Sydney CBD. Let me help you feel confident on any occasion.

Hi, my name is Michal and I helped hundreds of people to look and feel their best.

I teach my clients how to improve their physique, lose body fat, pack on muscle, improve mobility, increase energy and confidence, strengthen their body and build the foundation for any activity or tasks they’d like to do.

My mission is to help people feel confident on any occasion (beach, party, work meeting), fit into their favourite clothes, feel happy about themselves, look great and attractive, and move freely without any pain.

My Training Program

I design customised training programs and provide you with nutritional recommendations to achieve your goals and full potential.


The right mindset is the most important pillar to your success. Where the mind goes, the body follows. I will teach you how to set up your mind and the right habits to achieve your goals. 


Science-based sustainable and enjoyable nutritional strategies will help transform your physique and boost your confidence. You can still enjoy socialising, occasional drinking and eating delicious foods.


Based on your physical assessment, abilities, experience level and goals I will write you a tailored training plan which you can execute in the gym or even at home. Programs come with a video description for each exercise personally designed for you in my training app.


I will guide you on how to implement your strong positive mind, healthy eating and training habits into your life going forward. It’s going to become your new vital lifestyle and you’ll feel amazing. I promise that you won’t be willing to go back to your old lifestyle.


Read why clients love working with me.

Stand-out PT in Sydney – extremely knowledgeable about all training, health/fitness topics, full of energy and passion to help clients achieve their goals, and enjoy their time at the gym. I couldn’t recommend Michal more highly – having trained with him for over 9 years.

Brendan Ames

Michal is a fantastic personal trainer. His multi-disciplinary sporting background combined with extensive technical knowledge meant that he was able to provide me with a customised program that delivered great results. I had been training previously on my own for 30 odd years, and now have a completely different view of what is needed to stay fit and balanced.

Patrick Flanagan

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