Michal Beswald

I will help you to achieve your goals by designing you a proper training program based on your needs, abilities and lifestyle with all the instructions you need. I don’t just show you how to do an exercise, but will educate you in areas of proper training/technique, weight loss, muscle building, cardiovascular health, stretching, mobility and nutrition to reach your goals.

Michal Beswald has worked in the fitness industry for over ten years. He differs from many other fitness professionals in the following ways:

  • He is a world-class classically trained ballet dancer and a gymnast so he has both a deep understanding of the human body and also a focused and disciplined approach which he applies to training his clients.
  • He is extremely well qualified – As well as being a fully qualified Cert III and IV Personal Trainer, he also boasts a plethora of other qualifications. Moreover, he doesn’t stop learning, constantly educating himself from the leaders of the fitness industry such as Tony Boutagy, Dr. Layne Norton, Mark Buckley and many others.
  • Because of his extensive practical and theoretical training about the human body, he is well equipped to help clients from beginners through to competitive athletes to achieve different objectives, such as:
    • Muscle gain
    • Fat loss
    • Powerlifting
    • Conditioning
    • Remedial training
  • The technique is EVERYTHING to Michal – his training and attention to detail allow his clients to get the most out of their time in the gym, performing movements correctly to build strength and muscle while limiting the chance of injury.
  • Most importantly, he LOVES what he does – this is literally what he breathes for. It means he knows more than other trainers, cares more about his clients, and instills a passion for health and fitness in those around him.

Michal Beswald came to Australia from the Czech Republic where he began his career as a professional dancer at age six with training in ballet and gymnastics. He was chosen to study at the prestigious Prague Dance Conservatory, and after eight years of intense study, he graduated with High Distinction. Michal’s dedication and talent were then recognized internationally when he was chosen for a scholarship at the Academy of Dance in Cologne. Michal Beswald became a professional ballet dancer performing throughout Europe, South America, Dubai, and Japan, showcasing his talent in classical ballets, operas, musicals, TV commercials, and movies. He has performed in theaters such as the State National Opera, Laterna Magica, the National Theatre, and the Vienna Waltz Orchestra. More recently, he also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy of Classical Ballet at the Prague University HAMU.

Michal Beswald's Qualifications

  • Certified Online Trainer - Online Trainer Academy (2020)
  • PPSC, Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (2020)
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition (2018)
  • Rehabilitation of the Lower Back, Knee and Shoulder - Ph.D. Tony Boutagy, Boutagy Fitness Institute (2017)
  • Autophagy, Fasting and Ketosis - Ph.D. Tony Boutagy, Boutagy Fitness Institute (2017)
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy & Exercise Course - Claire Norgate (2017) FMA Certification, Strength Coach, FMA Strength Institute (2017)
  • Strength System Team Lilliebridge seminar (2017)
  • FMA Strength training Level 3 (Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute) (2016)
  • FMA Strength training Level 1 - Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute (2014, 2015)
  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1, Sydney (2015)
  • Level 3 Fat Loss Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2015)
  • FMA Strength training Level 2 - Mark Buckley FMA Strength Institute (2015, 2016)
  • Level 1 GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2016)
  • Reverse Dieting and Bodybuilding Workshop with Dr. Layne Norton, Melbourne (2014)
  • Level 2 Fat Loss - Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2014)
  • Level 2 Strength & Hypertrophy Certification for Personal Trainers Boutagy Fitness Institute (2013)
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coach, Powerlifting Australia Sydney (2012) 
  • Certificate Ill. and IV. in Fitness - Australian College of Sport and Fitness (2011)
  • School of Mentor Petr Stach, Master of Europe - Personal Training and Training for Bodybuilders, Prague (2008)
  • Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy of Dance (Classical Ballet) HAMU Academy of Performing Arts (Prague) (2003-2007) Diploma of Dance - Prague Dance Conservatory (1992-2000)

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Michal is a great trainer who first helped me rehab a knee after an operation several years ago. Since then he continues to coach me on my conditioning, form and good health overall. He totally understands fitness strategy, technique and diet to help me gain the most of my workout sessions. For example, when I’m doing something wrong he shows me a quick correction. Maybe even more important, he is just a really nice guy!

Jim Burke

Michal was my trainer when i was a Fitness First member a couple of years ago. He is so passionate about everything he does and is an incredible PT. He helped me push myself, improved my form, strength and confidence in the gym. I still reference the old training programs he put together for me sometimes.
When I had injuries he always worked around them and made sure he tailored each program to suit me at the time.
Great trainer and a really great guy!

Mike Green

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