November 26

Protein Crunch Cone Cereal Bars


Protein Crunch Cone Cereal Bars – Cooking Up Happiness

As a kid I used to live right behind a Dairy Queen… We’d always go there after winning one of our softball games with our team.

My favorite thing to get as a kid was always the blizzards… Man are those good! But when I got older I tried other things that were probably a little lower in calories – one being the crunch cone!

Now, if you haven’t had this you have to see if they serve it at your local Dairy Queen (not every location does). This crunch cone is your classic soft serve in a cone and then rolled in a mixture of peanuts, sprinkles and little crunchy pieces – OH they are so good! I haven’t had one of these cones in years, but it’s one of those things that you can still remember exactly how it tastes (and it’s still one of my faves).

Flash forward to this recipe… My intention wasn’t necessary to make a crunch cone-tasting protein bar, but after making said protein bar and taking a bite, I was reminded of them instantly!

Hence, I’ve named these: Protein Crunch Cone Cereal Bars

These protein crunch cone cereal bars are the perfect (and healthy) treat to curb that sweet craving your having… From the crunchy cereal that is coated in creamy peanut butter and protein packed vanilla icing, all topped off with sprinkles (just ’cause!).

These are even great right out of the fridge as it will give you that feeling of a cold and creamy treat, very reminiscent of my favorite crunch cone. Add a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt on top if you really want to go crazy!

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