But when you see that fast, rapid fat loss then you really get into it and get really engaged… and you’re sold.
    But here’s the problem…
    A lot of these extreme fat loss diets are unsustainable.
    They destroy your mood…
    Take a ton of willpower to follow…
    And they destroy your testosterone levels.
    Most rapid fat loss diets work on a few principles. You’re either going really, really low on carbs which depletes your testosterone, affects your training performance and reduces your muscle building.
    Or they go really low on fat which affects your testosterone and makes it difficult to stay full and satisfied.
    So I wanted to create a program that allowed someone to effortlessly eat at an aggressive caloric deficit while leaning down, maintaining and supporting muscle retention, feeling amazing and not losing sex drive in the process.
    This makes every day easy to do.
    And this program has been mind-blowingly effective.

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