My God Program is honed in on how do you achieve that look? How do you build muscle off staying lean? How do you build muscle in a way that’s going to give you the absolute best proportion? How do you make that maximum rate of strength gains on the key lifts to really support that amazing physique? I have amazing people that have gone through the program, put on a ton of muscle, and they look downright amazing. They were never able to do it before. They struggled to put on muscle. They struggled not to gain fat. They struggled to add muscle in a way that actually made them look way better so people are like, “Holy crap, that’s how I want to look.”
    The Greek God program is really that missing link. Very few people have actually tried to address how to gain muscle in a way that will make you look better, how to build muscle without gaining fat, and how to get strong as heck, because if you want to have a great physique, you’re going to have to get strong as hell. That’s why when people see my videos, they’re blown away at how much I’m able to lift. Building your muscle that way is going to make a night and day difference.

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