What clients say about working with me

Stand-out PT in Sydney – extremely knowledgeable about all training, health/fitness topics, full of energy and passion to help clients achieve their goals, and enjoy their time at the gym. I couldn’t recommend Michal more highly – having trained with him for over 9 years.

Brendan Ames

Michal is a fantastic personal trainer. His multi-disciplinary sporting background combined with extensive technical knowledge meant that he was able to provide me with a customised program that delivered great results. I had been training previously on my own for 30 odd years, and now have a completely different view of what is needed to stay fit and balanced.

Patrick Flanagan

I’ve trained with Michal for many years and his commitment, knowledge and passion for all things fitness is evident. He has been in the fitness industry for many years now after a career as a professional ballet dancer so his experience is undeniable and hard to beat. He made me stronger, leaner, fitter and the positive flow on affects to other parts of my life are a bonus. Michal is really strong on technique, so you are very unlikely to injure yourself and you get more out of your sessions. If you have any injuries or limitations however, Michal always has a work-around. Over the years we formed a great friendship and our training sessions were always a highlight of my week.

Alex K-P

Michal is Da MAN. It’s great to have a personal trainer who listens & knows what his clients need and want. His video workouts are easy to follow & if you had a problem or query it was simple as leaving a video message or typed and he would always reply with plenty advise and loads of encouragement. I have never felt this great since I was in my teens. Totally recommend his program to anybody wanting a change to a better healthier & happy lifestyle.💯 So what you waiting for….???👍

Putara Putara

Michal has been the best trainer for me over the past six months after a long break from going to the gym and a lengthy period of working too much and not exercising enough. I had my doubts about using an online trainer but it’s worked out to be a great option. He has provided the perfect mix of expert advice and gentle encouragement to keep me motivated to get to the gym and strive to meet goals – never an easy task. He also has a huge amount of knowledge about nutrition and managing diet to support exercise. The new programmes every three weeks keep the routines fresh and challenging, and the instructional videos for each exercise are really handy for keeping the form on track. Michal has also been super responsive to tailor my programmes around the limitations of my workplace gym and a few old injuries and consequent weaknesses. He’s also a super friendly guy and full of positivity and enthusiasm. It has been totally worth the time and financial investment training with Michal. I’d highly recommend him 👍💪😀

Pete Van Schaardenburg

I started training with Michal in February 2019. I originally came to train with him to correct my posture and fix up some imbalances that I had. Michal is a great trainer who always pays a lot of attention to you whilst you’re training. He will structure your programs in just the right way to get you to where you want to be, step by step. Ensuring that you will have perfect stability in your joints before you do heavy lifts. Training with him gave me the confidence to now enter any gym and simply train, I know exactly what to do and how to do it, getting stronger and more confident every day and I even get complimented by other PT’s on my technique. I am still training with Michal, as I love the energy he brings to every session as well as I love his programming and the constant knowledge that he shares with me. He’s always there, always attentive and pushes you to limits that you didn’t even know you had.

Maximiliane Momm

Michal is an amazing trainer! I’ve seen a few trainers before him and none get even close to comparing with Michal in terms of his knowledge, dedication, professionalism, motivation and attention to client’s goals. I’ve been training with Michal for over 3 years now. He originally helped me with my patella tendinitis, which I’m sure is the reason I recovered so quickly. Since I recovered, I continued training with him because of the great progress and results I’ve achieved. 100% recommend Michal for your fitness / training.

Matthew Rosel

I tried a couple of trainers at FF Bond St and Michal is the best. He has an intimate knowledge of strength and conditioning training, and was able to offer new exercises, training techniques and stretches to stimulate hypertrophy, address strength imbalances and overcome joint injuries. He is completely focused on you during the training session and you definitely get a lot out of the hour with him.

Danton Hui